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  • D. Rickwood, M. S. Osman
  • 1979
Nuclei isolated from D. discoideum and incubated in vitro with 3H-NAD synthesise poly(ADP-Rib). The optimum incubation conditions for the poly(ADP-Rib) polymerase were determined. The Km of the enzyme is 18 μm NAD and it is inhibited by nicotinamide. Most of the poly(ADP-Rib) synthesised is attached to nuclear proteins.
This paper reports the use of a new density gradient compound, Iodixanol, for the resolution of the major organelles from mouse liver. A major advantage of Iodixanol over other iodinated density gradient media is its ready ability to form self-generated gradients. Gradient-forming conditions have been modulated to provide optimal recoveries of Golgi(More)
Striking changes in protein and RNA synthesis were shown to accompany development in the slime mould Dictyostelium discoideum. These changes are, at least in part, directly attributable to control at the level of transcription. Analysis of nuclear proteins and their states of phosphorylation by two-dimensional gel electrophoresis and autoradiography showed(More)
Metrizamide, an inert, non-ionic organic compound, dissolves in water to give a dense solution in which DNA bands isopycnically at a density corresponding to that of fully hydrated DNA. Density-gradient centrifugation in solutions of metrizamide has been used to determine the effects of very dilute solutions of salts on the buoyant density of native and(More)