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Wild-type Escherichia coli possesses an inducible permeation system which catalyzes facilitated diffusion of glycerol into the cell. A spectrophotometric method can be used to assess the presence of this mechanism. The structural gene for the facilitator (glpF) and the structural gene for glycerol kinase (glpK) apparently belong to a single operon. The(More)
A glycerol-specific phenotypic revertant isolated from a mutant of Escherichia coli missing enzyme I of the phosphoenolpyruvate phosphotransferase system was studied. This revertant is capable of producing higher levels of glycerol kinase and the protein mediating the facilitated diffusion of glycerol (facilitator) than wild-type cells. The kinase of the(More)
Populations of Novikoff rat hepatoma cells (subline N1S1-67) were monitored for the rates of transport of various substrates and for their incorporation into acid-insoluble material as a function of the age of cultures of randomly growing cells in suspension as well as during traverse of the cells through the cell cycle. Populations of cells were(More)
n major feature is a work package designed to satisfy the processing objectives of a client company. The number of major features always varies from one software release to another C01891. Although there is an increasing trend in the number of major features and enhancement modification requests from one software release to another, the number of(More)