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Effective screening of large compound libraries in ion channel drug discovery requires the development of new electrophysiological techniques with substantially increased throughputs compared to the conventional patch clamp technique. Sophion Bioscience is aiming to meet this challenge by developing two lines of automated patch clamp products, a traditional(More)
Cryopreservation of human tumour cells and tissue is a valuable tool for retrospective analysis and for the transport and handling of biopsy material. Tumour tissue consists of different cell types, which have different optimal freezing conditions, and extracellular matrix. A well-defined and authentic model system is required for developing new freezing(More)
BACKGROUND The phenomenon of desiccation tolerance, also called anhydrobiosis, involves the ability of an organism to survive the loss of almost all cellular water without sustaining irreversible damage. Although there are several physiological, morphological and ecological studies on tardigrades, only limited DNA sequence information is available.(More)
INTRODUCTION Nimotuzumab is a humanized monoclonal antibody that binds to the EGFR. Based on phase I data, the recommended dose has been established at 200 mg weekly. This study was aimed at evaluating the safety and efficacy of nimotuzumab monotherapy in patients (pts) with locally advanced or metastatic pancreatic cancer. METHODS Pts who failed first(More)
VRML offers a high potential for product presentation: Instead of regarding flat, static, pictures, configurable and animated 3D models embedded in entertaining environments provide a new way of product presentation. But seriously using VRML for this application domain, means facing several challenges. We discuss these issues, by using the Virtual Design(More)
PURPOSE A randomised, open label phase III trial was conducted to evaluate efficacy of nimotuzumab, a monoclonal antibody against epidermal growth factor receptor (EGF-R) added to standard therapy for newly diagnosed glioblastoma. PATIENTS AND METHODS 149 glioblastoma patients stratified as with or without residual tumour were randomly assigned to receive(More)
Certain organisms found across a range of taxa, including bacteria, yeasts, plants and many invertebrates such as nematodes and tardigrades are able to survive almost complete loss of body water. The dry organisms may remain in this state, which is known as anhydrobiosis, for decades without apparent damage. When water again becomes available, they rapidly(More)
A-type K + channels are known to regulate neuronal firing, but their role in repetitive firing and learning in mammals is not well characterized. To determine the contribution of the auxiliary K + channel subunit Kv␤1.1 to A-type K + currents and to study the physiological role of A-type K + channels in repetitive firing and learning, we deleted the Kv␤1.1(More)
12504 Background: Nimotuzumab (OSAG101, Theraloc) is a humanized monoclonal antibody (mAb) that binds to the EGFR. In preclinical studies the antibody has shown potent antitumor activity. Based on phase I data, the recommended dose has been established at 200 mg weekly. A previous phase II study in children with high grade brain tumors showed activity of(More)