D. Retzlaff-Roberts

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Our paper analyzes technical efficiency in the production of aggregate health outcomes of reduced infant mortality and increased life expectancy, using Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) health data. Application of data envelopment analysis (DEA) reveals that some countries achieve relative efficiency advantages, including those(More)
Abstract. We introduce a methodology for generalizing Data Envelopment Analysis to incorporate the role and impact of constituencies in the classification of the model’s attributes. Constituencies determine whether entities’ attributes in a DEA study are treated as desirable or undesirable. This extension of DEA is the basis for a methodology to answer(More)
Benefit-cost analysis is required by law and regulation throughout the federal government. Robert Dorfman (1996) declares “Three prominent shortcomings of benefit-cost analysis as currently practiced are (1) it does not identify the population segments that the proposed measure benefits or harms (2) it attempts to reduce all comparisons to a single(More)
OBJECTIVES The objective of this case study was to use integrative medicine to treat a debilitating and long-standing case of blepharospasm. SUBJECT The patient suffered from blepharospasm, which conventional medicine had failed to alleviate despite numerous and varied attempts over the course of 3 years of treatment. Blepharospasm involves the(More)
Companies competing in today’s global economy are challenged by two critical yet conflicting issues related to their supply chains. On one hand, they are under ongoing pressure to reduce operational and inventory costs, which requires keeping inventory levels low. On the other hand, they must achieve a high customer service level by having inventory(More)
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