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This paper uses the task of microcalcification detection as a benchmark problem to assess the potential for dose reduction in x-ray mammography. We present the results of a newly developed algorithm for detection of microcalcifications as a case study for a typical commercial film-screen system (Kodak Min-R 2000/2190). The first part of the paper deals with(More)
This paper describes the construction of three adult female voxel models, two whole-body and one from head to thighs, from computed tomographic data of 3 women of different stature. Voxel models (also called phantoms) are human models based on computed tomographic or magnetic resonance images obtained from high resolution continuous scans of a single(More)
In April 2007, the American College of Radiology released the "White Paper on Radiation Dose in Medicine". The Blue Ribbon panel members included private practice and academic diagnostic radiologists, medical physicists, representatives of industry and regulatory groups, and a patient advocate. The panel concluded that the expanding use of imaging(More)
The precision of the thermoluminescent response of Harshaw micro-cube dosimeters (TLD-100), evaluated in both Harshaw thermoluminescent readers 5500 and 3500, for 1 Gy dose value, was investigated. The mean reproducibility for micro-cubes, pre-readout annealed at 100 degrees C for 15 min, evaluated with the manual planchet reader 3500, is 0.61% (1 standard(More)
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