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We report on the development and current capabilities of the ALOMAR Rayleigh/Mie/Raman lidar. This instrument is one of the core instruments of the international ALOMAR facility, located near Andenes in Norway at 69°N and 16°E. The major task of the instrument is to perform advanced studies of the Arctic middle atmosphere over altitudes between about 15 to(More)
A study was made of the piezomagnetic and elastic properties of scrolls of Metglas 2605 SC, used as an acoustic transducer element. This study involved quasi-DC magnetic induction measurements and ultrasonic complex plane analysis of scrolls of various annealing histories. An optimum effective magnetomechanical coupling coefficient. K/sub eff/, of 0.75, was(More)
The Atmospheric Lidar Observatory (ALO) at Utah State University has recently acquired an alexandrite laser, developed by Light Age Incorporated, that is a relatively new type of configuration, ideal for resonance lidar and DIAL observations. Unidirectional ring lasing is established in a tworod cavity, producing single longitudinal and transverse mode(More)
This letter presents some night-time observations of neutral wind variations at F2 layer levels near the dip equator, measured by the Fabry-Perot interferometer set up in 1994 at Korhogo (Ivory Coast, geographic latitude 9.25°N, longitude 355°E, dip latitude )2.5°). Our instrument uses the 630 nm (OD) line to determine radial Doppler velocities of the(More)
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