D. Rama

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We present a set of programs and a website designed to facilitate protein structure comparison and protein structure modeling efforts. Our protein structure analysis and comparison services use the LGA (local-global alignment) program to search for regions of local similarity and to evaluate the level of structural similarity between compared protein(More)
5G (5th generation mobile networks or 5th generation wireless systems) designates the next major phase of mobile telecommunications standards superior to the current 4G standards. 5G is also referred to as future (ahead of 2020) mobile communications technology. Presently, 5G is not a term that is used for any particular specification or in any official(More)
  • J Chaitanya Varma, R Ramana Reddy, D Rama, Devi
  • 2014
— Wide-range level shifters play critical roles in ultralow-voltage circuits and systems. In this paper level shifter circuits that are capable of converting subthreshold to above threshold signal levels are presented. Level shifters are designed using current mirrors. The circuit has a distinctive current generation scheme using a logic error correction(More)
This paper presents an optimal adaptive modulation (AM) algorithm using a cross-layer approach which combines truncated Automatic repeat request (ARQ) protocol and packet combining. Transmissions are performed on WiMAX over multiple-input multiple output (MIMO) Nakagami fading channels. Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) system is used. The(More)
Large Swarms of Intelligent Robots can be used for a wide range of tasks. There exists a plethora of challenging applications in swarm robotics and they are emerging with technology and time. Swarm Robotics is a rapidly developing new emerging technology. Swarm Robotics has potential for a variety of challenging applications ranging from military(More)
Uncertainty is one of the main characteristics of knowledge handling systems. The central problem in rough set theory is the construction of approximate operators. Many of the existing approaches are based on the binary relations of the axiomatic approaches. Based on the inclusion measures of fuzzy sets, a λ-weak fuzzy approximation space and a modified(More)
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