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We examined Hoffmann (H) and tendon (T) reflexes in 3 populations of adult subjects: acute SCI (< 2 weeks post injury), controls, and chronic SCI (> 1 year post injury). We further investigated the effects of continuous tendon vibration and different stimulus rates on the size of evoked H reflexes in these subject populations. All reflex amplitudes were(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the autonomic nervous system functions in patients with Huntington disease. BACKGROUND Although patients with Huntington disease frequently experience vegetative symptoms, it is not clear if there is dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system. METHODS Sympathetic skin response (SSR) latency and amplitude from both palms and soles(More)
A 66-year-old man with a 45-month course of chronic inflammatory polyradiculoneuropathy developed a coagulopathy due to an antibody to factor VIII. Despite clinical improvement in the neurologic disease at the onset of the coagulation disorder, antibody to peripheral nerve myelin was demonstrated in high titer. Antibodies to factor VIII and peripheral nerve(More)
BACKGROUND Case reports exist of femoral neuropathy following renal transplantation (RTSP) with possible pathophysiology, including direct compression and nerve ischemia. However, the occurrence of acute femoral neuropathy (AFN) following RTSP has not been studied prospectively. OBJECTIVE To determine the occurrence of AFN following RTSP. METHODS We(More)
BACKGROUND Recent studies have reported that patients with diabetes mellitus (DM) have a predisposition to develop chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIDP). OBJECTIVES To determine whether patients with DM have a polyneuropathy fulfilling electrophysiologic criteria for CIDP, and whether CIDP is more frequent in patients with type 1 than(More)
BACKGROUND There is growing evidence that idiopathic chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIDP) and polyneuropathy in patients with diabetes mellitus (DM) that meets the electrophysiological criteria for CIDP (DM-CIDP) have many similarities. OBJECTIVE To evaluate whether DM-CIDP responds to intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) therapy. (More)
The functional effects of three types of therapy for subjects with long-term incomplete cervical spinal cord injuries were investigated. Men and women, aged 18 to 45 years, were assigned to one of four groups using a restricted randomization process. The training period was divided into two consecutive eight-week time blocks where subjects received either(More)
Accurate ocular motility recordings were made of the saccadic responses of five patients with Eaton-Lambert syndrome (ELS). It was found that, contrary to common belief, the ocular motor system is affected. The saccades of ELS patients mimicked those of patients with myasthenia gravis (MG). Both groups exhibited hypometria and multiple, closely spaced(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe temporal profile of chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyradiculoneuropathy (CIDP) in patients with definite, relapsing multiple sclerosis (MS). BACKGROUND Peripheral demyelinating neuropathy has been rarely reported in association with central nervous system demyelinating disorder indistinguishable from MS. METHODS In addition(More)
We have studied characteristics of subjects that could potentially influence quantitative sensory measurements in 156 non-neuropathic individuals. All subjects had measurements of vibration perception at the hallux and index finger with the vibration sensitivity tester and measurements of cool and warm perception at the hallux with the thermal sensitivity(More)