D. Rajya Lakshmi

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In 2004, Das, Saxena and Gulati proposed a dynamic ID-based remote user authentication scheme which has many advantage such as no verifier table, user freedom to choose and change password and so on. However the subsequent papers have shown that this scheme is completely insecure and vulnerable to many attacks. Since then many schemes with improvements to(More)
In this paper we concentrated on image retrieval system in early days many user interactive systems performed with basic concepts but such systems are not reaching to the user specifications and not attracted to the user so a lot of research interest in recent years with new specifications , recent approaches have user is interested in friendly interacted(More)
Image searching is most interesting in the field of the computer vision. Every day many digital images are coming into the web. User is attracted to automatic image retrieval from this large dataset. Many methods which are introduced in this last ten years for image retrieval based on the similarity, size of database, image classification, similar group of(More)
The Semantic based annotation of an image is very important and a difficult task in content-based image retrieval (CBIR). The low-level features of the images are described using color and the texture features and the proposed model is used for semantic annotation of images. Also the textual annotations or the tags with multimedia content are the most(More)
w w w . i j c s t . c o m InternatIonal Journal of Computer SCIenCe & teChnology 385 Abstract User interactive systems have attracted a lot of research interest in recent years, especially for content-based image retrieval systems. Contrary to the early systems, which focused on fully automatic strategies, recent approaches have introduced human-computer(More)
Databases, libraries of digital image and multimedia are considerably expanded in last few years. The growth of a content-based image retrieval (CBIR) system has become main research issue in order to retrieve the desired images successfully and accurately from a large image database. In this paper we concentrated on image features and features extraction(More)
Image searching is often done in the world of computer visualization. Time and again users get to see many new digital images uploaded on web. They are fascinated towards automatic image retrieval. In the past few years, many methods were introduced to retrieve images which were based on similarity of size and shape of the image. Content Based Image(More)
In Data mining and Knowledge Discovery hidden and valuable knowledge from the data sources is discovered. The traditional algorithms used for knowledge discovery are bottle necked due to wide range of data sources availability. Class imbalance is a one of the problem arises due to data source which provide unequal class i.e. examples of one class in a(More)