D. Rajaguru

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This paper spank out the enormity of unknown users hand on web service users' and their data protection level bump up as an issue in cloud users mind. Once hiring a data space in cloud it's the responsibility of both to accustomed the stored information's privacy and preserving it in a secret way. It is noticed by the academicians and researchers oodles and(More)
This paper presents a new approach for privacy preserving of user data and publishing in cloud storage area. Hybrid authentication technique overcomes the limitations of attackers and general intruders and preserves better utilization of user's confidential data by providing access only to authorized persons. In this proposed technique it is illustrated how(More)
VANET, which stands for Vehicular Ad-Hoc Network has many applications in Urban areas where congestion has become a drastic problem. VANET is a network where vehicles act as nodes. The Krill Herd algorithm recently designed by Gandomi and Alavi is one of the best optimization techniques. Even though Krill Herd algorithm satisfies many optimization problems,(More)
Vehicular ad hoc networks are a special type of ad hoc network where each vehicle acts as a mobile node. This communication between the vehicles is mainly for the safety, entertainment and comfort. For the grouping of the vehicles the cluster formation has been used. In this paper a survey of the different types of clustering has been done. Taking into(More)
The present paper focuses on privacy preserving technique. Cloud computing is not a new technology more over it is a new way of delivering technology. Providers deliver it in the form of services, in computing field security is the main concern which blocks the tremendous growth of Cloud computing and became a huge debate area worldwide, due to security(More)
The present paper focuses on user data privacy invasion and it is more important in cloud data storage. Numerous approaches and techniques have proposed so for, to preserve the cloud user privacy. This paper introduces a layered framework for preserving secrecy of cloud user and preventing digital data loss, using onion privacy layer, garlic privacy layer.(More)
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