D R Thompson

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INTRODUCTION There is increasing evidence supporting the relationship between family support and patient outcomes. Therefore, involving families in the care of cardiovascular patients is expected to be beneficial for patients. The quality of the encounter with families highly depends on the attitudes of nurses towards the importance of families in patient(More)
BACKGROUND The ESC guidelines recommend that an organised system of specialist heart failure (HF) care should be established to improve outcomes of HF patients. The aim of this study was therefore to identify the number and the content of HF management programmes in Europe. METHOD A two-phase descriptive study was conducted: an initial screening to(More)
P225 Pre-diabetes and diabetes mellitus: challenges for cardiac rehabilitation programs I Ines Cunha, S Viamonte, C Matos, C Moreira, A Barreira, P Fernandes, S Torres Centro Hospitalar do Porto, Porto, Portugal Topic: Cardiac rehabilitation Purpose: Meta-analysis have shown the benefit of Cardiac Rehabilitation Programs (CRP) in the overall population;(More)
BACKGROUND Cardiac patients may experience problems with sexual activity as a result of their disease, medications or anxiety and nurses play an important role in sexual counselling. We studied the practice, responsibility and confidence of cardiac nurses in the sexual counselling of these patients. METHOD An adapted version of the nurses' survey of(More)
AIM Recommendations for the management of adults with congenital heart disease indicate that specialist referral centres should employ nurse specialists who are trained and educated in the care for these patients. We surveyed the involvement, education and activities of nurse specialists in the care for adults with congenital cardiac anomalies in Europe. (More)
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