D. R. Patil

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This paper describes a Model Reference Adaptive System (MRAS) for speed control of the Induction Motor drive (IM) without a speed sensor. In this scheme an Adaptive Pseudoreduced-order Flux Observer (APFO) is used instead of the Adaptive Full-order Flux Observer (AFFO), an APFO is used for estimate the IM rotor speed and stator resistance, and these are(More)
Text in video and images is an extremely valuable feature to extract brief knowledge of video or image. But sometimes those text components feel unnecessary, and so various methods have been proposed till a day to detect, and remove the text out of video. This paper performs an extensive survey of various techniques available for text detection and removal(More)
— Topology for reactive power compensation of dynamic load in closed loop is presented. The scheme consists of Thyristor Binary Switched Capacitor (TBSC) banks and a Thyristor Controlled Reactor (TCR). TBSC is based on a chain of Thyristor Switched Capacitor (TSC) banks arranged in binary sequential manner. TCR capacity is chosen to be smallest of TBSC step(More)
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