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In clinical practice, estimations of renal function are commonly used to calculate the appropriate dose for drugs that are renally cleared. Continuous-infusion inulin clearance (CLIN), 4-hour creatinine clearance (CLCR,m), and 24-hour creatinine clearance (CLCR,a) were measured in 109 subjects (86 men and 23 women) with varying degrees of stable renal(More)
The idea of a finite collection of closed sets having " linearly regular intersection " at a point is crucial in variational analysis. This central theoretical condition also has striking algorithmic consequences: in the case of two sets, one of which satisfies a further regularity condition (convexity or smoothness for example), we prove that von Neumann's(More)
The significance of vascular congestion in the pathogenesis of cisplatin acute renal failure (ARF) was studied in rats given pentoxifylline. Rats were administered single intraperitoneal doses of 1.0, 2.5, 5.0, and 10.0 mg/kg of cisplatin with 45 mg/kg of pentoxifylline or saline every 12 h for 3 days. Cisplatin caused dose-dependent declines in the mean(More)
Since cyclosporine is heavily bound to plasma lipoproteins, its pharmacokinetic profile was evaluated in the Zucker hyperlipidemic rat model (N = 4) and compared to Zucker lean (N = 4) and Sprague-Dawley (N = 4) rat models. Following a single i.v. dose (5 mg/kg) of cyclosporine, serial blood samples, collected by tail bleed, were assayed for cyclosporine(More)
The influence of food and water intake on renal function was assessed by comparisons between the hyperphagic Zucker obese rat and its lean littermate, which demonstrates nocturnal dominance in activity. Serum creatinine and cortisol levels, creatine kinase activities, creatinine and urine clearances, and sodium and potassium excretion rates were measured(More)
The idea of a finite collection of closed sets having " strongly regular intersection " at a given point is crucial in variational analysis. We show that this central theoretical tool also has striking algorithmic consequences. Specifically, we consider the case of two sets, one of which we assume to be suitably " regular " (special cases being convex sets,(More)
Nephropathies associated with human immunodeficiency syndrome (HIVAN) are characterized by gross proteinuria, lack of change in blood pressure, and various histologic lesions. The present study prospectively measured microalbuminuria in 72 HIV-seropositive patients (3 asymptomatic, 32 AIDS-related complex, 37 AIDS) screened for Phase I clinical pharmacology(More)
The Cockcroft and Gault (CG) [1976] method of predicted creatinine clearances (CCR) accurately predicts measured 24-hour CCR values in healthy volunteers. The present study compared the relationship between measured and predicted CCR through 5 methods: CG, J1 [Jelliffe 1971], J2 [Jelliffe 1973], M [Mawer et al. 1972], and H [Hull et al. 1981], in 42(More)
The single dose administration of the aminonucleoside of puromycin (PAN) induces a nephrotic syndrome in rats characterized by massive proteinuria and progressive histologic changes. This model of acute parenchymal nephritis is thought to be mediated by the renal recruitment of monocytes and macrophages. To investigate the role of leukocytes in the(More)