D R Katzenberg

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Previous studies from this laboratory have provided evidence that the duplication of the IgG2a heavy chain constant region gene (C gamma 2a) in the murine myeloma cell line MPC-11 occurred via unequal sister chromatid exchange. We now report the determination of the DNA sequences of the germ-line regions in which this exchange has occurred. The two donor(More)
The technique of genomic Southern blot analysis was employed to map the sites of class switch rearrangement in five hybridoma cell lines, four of which produce gamma 2b, whereas the fifth secretes gamma 2a. Two of the class switch recombinations we have mapped represent secondary switches to gamma 2b with a gamma 1 intermediate. We also observe isotype(More)
The mouse myeloma cell line MPC 11 carries two C gamma 2a immunoglobulin heavy-chain genes on the expressed chromosome, a duplication shown to have occurred through unequal sister chromatid exchange (USCE). In the present report, we present the nucleotide sequence of the USCE joint and show that both breaks occurred within tracts of repeated TC(More)
We have documented the action of unequal sister chromatid exchange on antibody genes, and our studies provide the first molecular description of an unequal sister chromatid exchange event. We delineated the sequences that mediate class switch recombination in normal B cells through genomic Southern analysis of five IgG2-producing hybridomas. Successive(More)
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