D. R. Hunter

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Low levels of calcium (100 nmol/mg) added to beef heart mitochondria induced a configurational transition from the aggregated to the orthodox state and a simultaneous uncoupling of oxidative phosphorylation. The primary effect of calcium was to cause a nonspecific increase in the permeability of the inner membrane, resulting in entry of sucrose into the(More)
The inhibitory action of procaine on cellular calcium release was utilized to define a new cellular calcium pool which, under physiological conditions, is present only during catecholamine stimulation. Rat hearts labeled with 45Ca++ were perfused with medium containing procaine and EGTA at 23 degrees C to remove extracellular calcium, and then cellular(More)
Low levels of ADP binding at the ADP/ATP translocase caused inhibition of the Ca2+-induced permeability transition of the mitochondrial inner membrane, when measured using the shrinkage assay on mitochondria, which have already undergone a transition. Inhibition was prevented by carboxyatractyloside, but potentiated by bongkrekic acid, which increased the(More)
The aim of this study was to determine the effect of chromium (Cr)-enriched yeast on blood glucose and insulin variables, blood lipids, and blood markers of oxidative stress in persons with type 2 diabetes mellitus (median duration: 3.0 yr). Thirty-six subjects (9 men, 27 women; mean age: 61.3 yr; mean body mass index: 34.33 kg/m2) were supplemented with(More)
Twenty known cases of X;autosome translocations with breakpoints at Xp21 associated with Duchenne or Becker muscular dystrophy in girls are reviewed. The variable severity described for different persons may reflect differences in X inactivation or in the nature of the genomic target disrupted. High resolution cytogenetic studies on 12 cases indicate(More)
The amount of readily exchangeable Ca2+ in mitochondria of an isolated working rat heart is less than 10 ng-ions/g heart. We therefore conclude that either no Ca2+ enters mitochondria or that the Ca+ which does enter is removed continuously. Using Sr2+ and Mn2+, we obtained evidence that the mitochondrial Na+-Ca2+ exchanger was indeed operational in(More)
Abstract We extend the standard mixture of linear regressions model by allowing mixing proportions to be modeled nonparametrically as a function of the predictors. This framework allows for more flexibility in the modeling of the mixing proportions than the fully parametric mixture of experts model, which we also discuss. We present an EM-like algorithm for(More)