D R Federick

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A technique has been presented for the fabrication of a sectional interim maxillary obturator with retention augmented by a magnet. A tonogram revealed a 32 per cent decrease in hypernasality during speech when the prosthesis was worn (Fig. 12). The positive locking and continuous retentive quality of the prosthesis provided by the magnet permitted normal(More)
Various approaches have been used for the retention and stabilization of implant-supported overdentures. This study examined photoelastically the simulated load transfer characteristics of a resilient cap attachment with moderately atrophied mandibular plastic models with two implant orientations. Comparison was made with overdentures supported by a(More)
A discussion of the rationale and requirements of the provisional restoration in fixed prosthetic dentistry has been presented. The imporatnce of this phase of restorative densitry and a survey of techniques for making interim restorations were gleaned from a review of the literature. A method for the fabrication of a provisional fixed partial denture using(More)
This in vitro investigation evaluated the accuracy of reversible hydrocolloid, vinyl polysiloxane and polyether elastic impression materials used in conjunction with two die stones. The authors made impressions in an experimental environment that approximated clinical conditions in regard to temperature and moisture. Analysis of variance and t-tests were(More)
A technique has been described whereby a heat-processed provisional splint was fabricated with the factors of esthetics and long-term serviceability being of prime importance. Additional advantages of the use of a well-adapted provisional restoration in a periodontal prosthesis are as follows: (1) They facilitate periodontal treatment by allowing total(More)