D R Deshmukh

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The oxidation of glutamate by non-synaptic and synaptic mitochondria from brains of 3-, 12- and 24-month-old rats was studied. With glutamate plus malate as substrates, non-synaptic mitochondria showed higher respiration rates than synaptic mitochondria in all the three age groups studied. The rate of oxidation of L-[1-14C]glutamate and the activities of(More)
Changes in the uptake of pyruvate by nonsynaptic and synaptic mitochondria from brains of young adult and old rats were investigated. An age-dependent decrease in State 3 respiration in the presence of pyruvate plus malate as substrate was observed in cerebral mitochondrial populations but not in liver mitochondria. Addition of exogenous cytochrome c to(More)
Consumers and non-profit organizations shares their views and opinions about products and services provided by vendors through consumer generated media which greatly diverse the ecosystems of corporations. Many more approaches are exists for opinion feature extraction procedure which reliant on patterns only from a single review Corpus. Proposed method(More)
Intestinal ischemia/reperfusion (I/R) is a serious disorder that is prevalent in elderly patients. Reactive oxygen species are implicated in the pathogenesis of intestinal I/R injury. Reactive oxygen species are also implicated in cellular senescence and aging. To test the hypothesis that aging exacerbates intestinal I/R injury, the effects of intestinal(More)
The individual effects of an influenza B viral infection, aspirin, and an arginine-deficient diet on the inner ear were assessed in the ferret model for Reye's syndrome using both functional and morphological parameters. Auditory brainstem evoked responses recorded from inoculated ferrets revealed threshold elevations and increased latencies during the(More)
The effects of influenza B, aspirin and hyperammonemia on the functional integrity of the cochlea were examined using the ferret model for Reye's syndrome. Auditory brainstem evoked responses (ABR) were recorded from treated ferrets and compared to those recorded from controls. Delayed latencies of all waves, as well as increased I-IV Interwave latencies(More)
The acute effects of influenza B, aspirin, and hyperammonemia on the inner ear were examined using the ferret model for Reye's syndrome. Histopathologic examination revealed varying degrees of vacuolization in both the sensory and nonsensory endolymphatic tissues of the cochlear and vestibular membranous labyrinth. The secretory epithelial cells of the(More)
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