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– This paper focuses on a novel region-based image fusion method which facilitates increased flexibility with the definition of a variety of fusion rules. A dual-tree complex wavelet transform (DT-CWT) is used to segment the features of the input images, either jointly or separately, to produce a region map. Characteristics of each region are calculated and(More)
Fast cyclic voltammetry at a carbon fibre microelectrode was used to monitor the time course of dopamine overflow in slices of rat corpus striatum incubated in a brain slice chamber. Dopamine release occurred in response to electrical stimulation. Electrochemical, physiological and pharmacological evidence indicates that release of endogenous dopamine can(More)
Dopamine release was evoked by single electrical pulses in slices of rat corpus striatum, and measured by fast cyclic voltammetry in real time. The magnitude of the release varied in the expected way to agents which modify dopamine storage, release and re-uptake. The presence of functional dopamine D2 autoreceptors was demonstrated by showing that the(More)
AIMS To develop and describe an objective classification system for the spatial patterns of visual field loss found in glaucoma. METHODS The 560 Humphrey visual field analyser (program 24-2) records were used to train an artificial neural network (ANN). The type of network used, a Kohonen self organising feature map (SOM), was configured to organise the(More)
Fast cyclic voltammetry has been used to measure electrically evoked dopamine overflow from slices of rat nucleus accumbens in vitro. The substance detected was shown voltammetrically and biochemically to be dopamine of neuronal origin. Enough dopamine was released by a single electrical pulse to be easily detectable, and under these conditions there was no(More)
There have been several reports on the application of artificial neural networks (ANNs) to visual field classification. While these have demonstrated that neural networks can be used with good results they have not explored the effects that the training set can have upon network performance nor emphasized the unique value of ANNs in visual field analysis.(More)
– This paper describes a new class of fused image displays called hybrid fused displays. Such displays can be created by gradually transforming a fused image computed by one fusion method into another fused image computed by a different fusion method, either in the spatial domain or in another domain. By defining either global image-to-image or local(More)
The increased interest in image fusion (combining images of two or more modalities such as infrared and visible light radiation) has led to a need for accurate and reliable image assessment methods. Previous work has often relied upon subjective quality ratings combined with some form of computational metric analysis. However, we have shown in previous work(More)
The present study has employed the technique of fast cyclic voltammetry to measure electrically-evoked dopamine release within the central amygdaloid complex in a rat brain slice. Local electrical stimulation caused the release of an electroactive substance which was identified, biochemically and pharmacologically, as being neuronal dopamine. Dopamine(More)
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