D. R. Breach

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Martin J. Sharry and Anne Penfold Street, Centre for Combinatorics, Department of Mathematics, The University of Queensland, Brisbane 4072, Australia. As a first step towards finding all 4-(12, 6, 4) designs which are not 5-(12, 6, 1) designs, it is shown that if such a design has a pair of blocks with five points in common, then there is a unique way of(More)
A 4-(12, 6, 4) design that is not also a 5-(12, 6, 1) design must have at least one pair of blocks with five points in common. It is shown that there are just nine non-isomorphic such designs; so, including the 5-(12, 6, 1) design, there are ten 4-(12, 6, 4) designs. These designs are characterised by the orders of their automorphism groups and they all(More)
The interaction of a momentum source with a viscous uniform stream is studied. Taken separately, each flow is described by an exact solution of the full Navier-Stokes equations. Their combined effect can be described in terms of two nondimensional parameters related to the strength of the source and the distance from it. A perturbation solution for the case(More)
In a 4-(12, 6, 4) design a block is either disjoint from one other block or it has five points in common with one other block. For a 4-(12, 6, 4) design with a pair of blocks of the second type it is shown that· another thirty blocks of the design can be completed in a unique way and these thirty blocks contain a copy of a 3-(10, 4, 1) design.
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