D. R. Bowen

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Predicting how marine mammal populations respond to habitat changes will be essential for developing conservation management strategies in the 21st century. Responses to previous environmental change may be informative in the development of predictive models. Here we describe the likely effects of the last ice age on grey seal population size and(More)
Influenza A virus (IAV) has been associated with multiple unusual mortality events (UMEs) in North Atlantic pinnipeds, frequently attributed to spillover of virus from wild-bird reservoirs. To determine if endemic infection persists outside of UMEs, we undertook a multiyear investigation of IAV in healthy, live-captured Northwest Atlantic gray seals(More)
The purpose of the air distribution system in a fluidised bed combustor is to provide a reasonably uniform spread of combustion air over the entire horizontal cross-sectional area of the bed. One of the simplest, and hence cheapest, forms of air distributor is the sparge pipe design, in which an array of horizontal pipes is fitted at the base of the bed.(More)
The Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Trustee Council conducts all programs and activities free from discrimination, consistent with the Americans with Disibilities Act. This publication is available in alternative communication formats upon request. Please contact the Trustee Council Office at 907/278-8012 to make necessary arrangements. Any person who believes she(More)
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