D. R. Boswell

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OBJECTIVE To record weight changes, fluid intake and changes in serum sodium concentration in ultradistance triathletes. DESIGN Descriptive research. SETTING Ironman triathlon (3.8 km swim, 180 km cycle, 42.2 km run). Air temperature at 1200 h was 21 degrees C, (relative humidity 91%). Water temperature was 20.7 degrees C. PARTICIPANTS 18 triathletes.(More)
From an analysis of the immunoglobulins of known structure we derive a list of 40 sites crucial for the conserved structure of the variable domains. We show that, with marginal exceptions, the sequences of the T-cell alpha beta receptors contain, at sites homologous to these 40, the same or very similar residues. Thus the V alpha-V beta dimer has a(More)
PURPOSE Hyponatremia ([plasma sodium] <135 mmol x L(-1)) is a potentially serious complication of ultraendurance sports. However, the etiology of this condition is still uncertain. This observational cohort study aimed to determine prospectively the incidence and etiology of hyponatremia in an ultradistance triathlon. METHODS The subjects consisted of 605(More)
Preface This is a set of class notes that we have been developing jointly for some years. We use them for the graduate cryptography courses that we teach at our respective institutions. Each time one of us teaches the class, he takes the token and updates the notes a bit. You might think that, within a three or four years, one would have a rather complete(More)
The sequence of alpha 1-antitrypsin is in keeping with its role as a tissue scavenger of leukocyte elastase. Two abnormal variants commonly present in Europeans cause a deficiency that predisposes them to a progressive loss of lung elasticity. The nature of the reactive centre helps explain why cigarette smoking greatly accelerates the onset and severity of(More)
Support Vector Machines (SVM’s) are a relatively new learning method used for binary classification. The basic idea is to find a hyperplane which separates the d-dimensional data perfectly into its two classes. However, since example data is often not linearly separable, SVM’s introduce the notion of a “kernel induced feature space” which casts the data(More)
We describe a new statistical method for measuring bias in the codon usage table of a gene. The test is based on the multinomial and Poisson distributions. The method is used to scan DNA sequences and measure the strength of codon preference. For E. Coli we show that the strength of codon preference is related to levels of gene expression. The method can(More)