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OBJECTIVE Allegations of sexual abuse are increasingly made in the context of divorce proceedings. The aim of the study was to describe ideal typical patterns of family dynamics when sexual abuse is alleged in divorce proceedings. METHOD Development of an assessment plan according to the methods of the qualitative descriptive social sciences and(More)
A case of a mother confabulating an extended sexual abuse of her 13 and 15 year old children involving bizarre sadistic features is presented and discussed. The kinship to Munchhausen Syndrome by proxy, identity diffusion, Posttraumatic Stress Syndrome, folie à deux and other concepts is highlighted. It is suggested that sexual confabulations are generated(More)
Out of a collection of 121 child and adolescent psychiatric or psychological recommendations in family court cases, some 60 opinions were subjected to retrospective study. All the cases studied involved a single child to be recommended. In a retrospective analysis, the aim was to identify dangerous psychological constellations in the separating families, in(More)
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