D. Prutchi

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A high-resolution large-array (HRLA) SEMG system comprising 256 separate channels has been developed. SEMG signals are detected by a "bracelet" active electrode array connected to a stack of newly designed biopotential instrumentation amplifiers. A stand-alone data logger acquires and stores the array EMG activity at high sampling rates. A RISC(More)
Overflow to non-target tissue during FNS can be reduced by controlling current density distribution under surface stimulating electrodes. A method is introduced for the acquisition of 3-D current density distributions under complex surface stimulating FNS electrode geometries. The method makes use of a phantom model in which a conventional homogeneous model(More)
Advances in development of in-flight electrophysiological-based systems such as G-LOC detectors, ECG-synchronized G-suits, and clinical monitors have dictated the need for pasteless electrodes that meet realistic operational demands and are suitable for the cockpit environment. New technologies appropriate for the design of bioelectrodes that meet these(More)
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