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Cell death through apoptosis is a well-known mechanism for maintaining homoeostasis in many developmental and pathological processes. We have recently presented evidence for the occurrence of apoptosis during the formation of bone-like tissue in vitro. MC3T3-E1 osteoblast-like cells in culture develop features of the osteoblastic phenotype and form many(More)
The integrated watershed management approach for the semi-arid regions of India is considered to be very important due to the inadequate availability of water resources. The drought experienced in recent years has brought on an environmental and socio-economic crisis in these regions. The role of the watershed management has been crucial and development of(More)
Arabinose, fructose, galactose, myo-inositol, lyxose, mannose, ribose, and xylose were incubated individually and with glucose in the presence of Aspergillus niger glucoamylase at pH 4.5 and 45 degrees C. Glucoamylase condenses galactose, glucose, and mannose individually into disaccharides. It also produces mixed disaccharides when each of the eight(More)
The efficiency of a concave diffraction grating in a given order is obtained by measuring the intensities of the diffracted and incident beams and taking their ratio. A valid measurement requires that both the incident and diffracted beams be collected, in their entirety, by the detector. At grazing incidence, however, the diffracted beam may spread beyond(More)
Products of the strengths times the self-broadened half-widths of eight lines in the upsilon(2) band of water vapor were obtained by the curve of growth method. The experimental conditions were room temperature (300 degrees K), low pressure (0.5-2.2 torr), long path length (1.98 cm x 10(4) cm), and an observed resolution of approximately 0.5 cm(-1).(More)
Since 1980 in the western highlands of Cameroon, on the Bamenda plateau, the so-called Bamenda model has been developed. This model is an attempt to build up, essentially with local resources, an ecologically stable and economically attractive land use system. Key elements are the introduction of draught oxen, the implementation of integrated plant(More)
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