D. Potier

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Experiments with quantitative assessment and prediction of software reliability are presented. The experiments are based on the analysis of the error and the complexity characteristics of a large set of programs. The first part of the study concerns the data collection process and the analysis of the error data and complexity measures. The relationships(More)
AIMS Extracellular matrix remodelling has been implicated in a number of vascular conditions, including venous hypertension and varicose veins. However, to date, no systematic analysis of matrix remodelling in human veins has been performed. METHODS AND RESULTS To understand the consequences of venous hypertension, normal and varicose veins were evaluated(More)
Cancer Biomarkers have the capability to improve patient outcomes. They have potential applications in diagnosis, prognosis, monitoring of disease progression and measuring response to treatment. This type of information is particularly useful in the individualisation of treatment regimens. Biomarkers may take many forms but considerable effort has been(More)
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