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Interaction of tonic labyrinth and neck reflexes was studied in 3 healthy volunteers by analyzing changes in Soleus H-Reflex (SHR) area in relation to both lateral tiltings and neck rotations. By using a Kermath chair each subject was tilted laterally from the vertical to the left and to the right up 15° in steps of 5° and at the same time the longitudinal(More)
Currently, non-invasive cerebral motor area stimulation is performed by magnetic or high voltage bifocal electrical stimulation. These techniques require non-conventional stimulators. The present study, performed on 28 normal subjects between 18 and 73 years of age, was designed to standardize a method of bifocal stimulation of motor cortex which uses low(More)
In Wilson's disease neurological manifestations result from the damage in the basal ganglia, even if a widespread degeneration of the brain occurs. The few studies performed using evoked potentials with the aim of identifying subclinical dysfunction in the three major sensory pathways have never shown abnormalities in patients without neurological(More)
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