D. Poitras

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The distribution and morphological characteristics of monoamine (MA)-containing neuronal somata in the brain stem of kittens and of adult cats were studied by means of the Falck-Hillarp histofluorescence method. This investigation has shown, among other things, that in the midbrain of the cat the catecholamine (CA) perikarya are chiefly confined to the pars(More)
We report on frequency comb generation at 1.5 μm by injection of a CW laser in a hybridly mode-locked InAs/InP two-section quantum-dot laser (HMLQDL). The generated comb has > 60 modes spaced by ∼ 4.5 GHz and a-20 dBc width of > 100 GHz (23 modes) at > 30 dB signal to background ratio. Comb generation was observed with the CW laser (red) detuned more than(More)
Three distinct groups of monoamine (MA)-containing nerve cell bodies have been visualized in the hypothalamus and preoptic area of the cat by means of the Falck-Hillarp fluorescence histochemical technique. First, numerous small-sized catecholamine (CA) type neurons were disclosed within the ventral half of the periventricular area in the supraoptic and(More)
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