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This paper presents the parallel hybrid robot, PARASURG 9M, for robotically assisted surgery, a robot which was entirely designed and produced in Romania. It is a versatile robot, being composed of a positioning and orientation module, PARASURG 5M with five degrees of freedom, having the possibility of attaching at its end either a laparoscope or an active(More)
The paper presents the singularity and workspace analysis of PARAMIS — the first parallel robot, for camera guidance in minimally invasive surgical procedures developed in Romania. The graphical workspace is achieved through a series of geometric constructions in modeling software. The analytical workspace is achieved through a simple method based on(More)
The paper presents the parallel robot, which has been developed in Romania and it is used for laparoscope camera positioning. Based on its mathematical modeling, the first low-cost experimental model of the PARAMIS surgical robot has been built. The system has been built in such a way that it has the possibility to transform it in a multiarm robot(More)
Robots are useful tools in minimally invasive surgery (MIS), providing benefits such as elimination of hand tremor, better accessibility, possibility of working in awkward positions, workspace scaling and teleoperation. This paper presents the design of a software application and the experimental results regarding the control of PARAMIS surgical parallel(More)
Many different designs for the walking machines exist, some of them are based on wheels and another type of walking machines have anthropomorphic legs. A third kind of walking machine, which has both wheels and legs, is called as a hybrid. The hybrid robots are efficient for all kinds of environments. A low cost hexapod robot prototype with legs and wheels(More)
In the last decades, the technological progress and especially the industrial robotics development has practically led to the appearance of a new robots generation based on the closed-loop kinematical chains, namely parallel robots. The parallel robots can provide the complementary solution for the serial classical robots due to their higher positioning(More)
The paper presents some aspects about the kinematics and workspace of a new parallel robot developed for minimally invasive surgery. Possible motion of the active joints and the laparoscope movement in surgery field are generated using Matlab software. The robot workspace is generated using the developed geometrical model. The benefits of this parallel(More)
The paper deals with optimized facilities regarding robots, seen as very complex systems that within the design and modeling must consider long lists of restrictions. Therefore, product life management (PLM) is considered as an optimum solution for grouping all the restrictions under a single umbrella, having different specialized software packages for(More)
The paper presents the mechanical and electronic structure, the basic functions and the operation block diagrams developed for the command and control unit of the PARASURG 9M hybrid parallel robot. The operator interface, structure and functions, algorithm and operating diagrams, deployment and implementation of the of CIParmis program are illustrated. The(More)
In the paper a distributed control interface with modular, flexible and configurable structure is presented to allow the implementation of program packages used for command and control of a robotic structures, particularly used as helicopter flight simulator. The development of major parts is organized on hierarchic levels: subsystem for local command and(More)