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Eosinophils have been associated with fibrosis. To investigate their direct role in fibrosis, human peripheral blood eosinophil sonicate was added to human lung or dermal fibroblasts, and proliferation ([(3)H]thymidine) and collagen synthesis ([(3)H]proline) were evaluated. Proliferation was enhanced significantly in the monolayers in a dose-dependent(More)
To assess the effects of prolonged and repetitive exposure of antigen on mast cells (MC) we utilized our co-culture system in which rat peritoneal MC are kept viable and functionally active on 3T3 fibroblasts. MC were presensitized with IgE anti-dinitrophenyl-human serum albumin (anti-DNP-HSA), activated with the relevant antigen (DNP-HSA) (69.4% histamine(More)
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