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Case report of a 49-year old male patient who presented with signs and symptoms in agreement with Cushing's Syndrome, the etiology of which was shown to be an ACTH-independent macronodular hyperplasia. In such cases, the therapeutical choice is bilateral adrenalectomy which was adopted by us using a posterior approach. The relevance of the clinical(More)
We report the appearance of three cases of Leydig cell tumours on MRI. This imaging method showed well-defined and peripheral intratesticular tumours displaying marked and homogeneous enhancement when contrast medium was used. This latter finding was only observed in Leydig cell tumours when they were compared in a series of 104 patients with different(More)
Between November 1992 and March 1993 our Service conducted a campaign for early detection of prostate disease among the male population of Vigo. The study focused in the relationship of PSA with the age, rectal examination and prostate symptomatology score. In view of the results obtained it has been concluded that PSA levels increase gradually as a(More)
Contribution of two cases of congenital adrenal hyperplasia by blockade in the 21-hydroxylase enzyme synthesis. Diagnosis was reached from the clinical signs and symptoms (virilization syndrome), and was confirmed by radiological and laboratory tests. Hormone treatment was done with hydrocortisone and fludrocortisone, but surgical correction of external(More)
Retrospective study in 51 patient with locally advanced prostate cancer (34 pT3 and 17 N+) selected from 88 radical prostatectomies performed between February 1985 and December 1993. An evaluation is made of the clinical/pathological stage correlation and the effectiveness of the different diagnostic methods (61% of understaging). The possibility to rescue(More)
INTRODUCTION Testicular tumors are usually managed by radical orchiectomy because of the high incidence of malignant lesions. Epidermoid cyst of the testis is a rare benign tumor, and its differential diagnosis from malignant testicular tumors is difficult. MATERIALS AND METHODS The clinical records of seven patients who attended our hospital with(More)
An asymptomatic case of cystic renal carcinoma is presented. The only diagnosis of certainty was given by a marked increase in L.D.H. levels in the fluid of the tumor after puncture. The pros and cons of imaging studies, and the relative lack of value of aspiration cytology when negative results are encountered are discussed. The pathological anatomical(More)
We present a case of Leydig's cell tumour in a young adult, with endocrinal manifestation. The relative rarity of these neoplasias. The opposition of their clinical manifestations, virilizing in the child and feminizing in the adult. Its always benign evolution in infancy and its occasional malignity in the adult (20%) are commented on and reviewed.