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  • F Soto, H Berger, L Cabo, C Carballeira, J Mosqueira, D Pavuna +2 others
  • 2006
Electric and magnetic characterization of NbSe2 single crystals is first presented in detail. Then, some preliminary measurements of the fluctuation-diamagnetism (FD) above the transition temperature TC are presented. The moderate uniaxial anisotropy of this compound allowed us to observe the fluctuation effects for magnetic fields H applied in the two main(More)
High-temperature superconductivity in copper oxides arises when a parent insulator compound is doped beyond some critical concentration; what exactly happens at this superconductor-insulator transition is a key open question. The cleanest approach is to tune the carrier density using the electric field effect; for example, it was learned in this way that(More)
We demonstrate a method to tune the carrier concentration of a high temperature superconductor over a wide range, using an applied electric field. Thin film devices were made in an electrical double layer transistor configuration utilizing an ionic liquid. In this way, the surface carrier density in La 2Àx Sr x CuO 4 films can be varied between 0.01 and(More)
Molecular beam epitaxy technique has enabled synthesis of atomically smooth thin films, multilayers, and superlattices of cuprates and other complex oxides. Such heterostructures show high temperature superconductivity and enable novel experiments that probe the basic physics of this phenomenon. For example, it was established that high temperature(More)
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