D. Paul Snyder

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Tbx5 is involved in congenital heart disease, however, the mechanisms leading to organ malformation are greatly unknown. We hypothesized a model by which the Tbx5 binding protein Pdlim7 controls nuclear/cytoplasmic shuttling and function of the transcription factor. Using the zebrafish, we present in vivo significance for an essential role of Tbx5/Pdlim7(More)
Niemann-Pick disease, type C (NP-C), often associated with Niemann-Pick disease, type C1 (NPC1) mutations, is a cholesterol-storage disorder characterized by cellular lipid accumulation, neurodegeneration, and reduced steroid production. To study NPC1 function in vivo, we cloned zebrafish npc1 and analyzed its gene expression and activity by reducing Npc1(More)
BACKGROUND Vertebrate limb development involves a reciprocal feedback loop between limb mesenchyme and the overlying apical ectodermal ridge (AER). Several gene pathways participate in this feedback loop, including Fgf signaling. In the forelimb lateral plate mesenchyme, Tbx5 activates Fgf10 expression, which in turn initiates and maintains the(More)
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