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Naming, listing and measuring human-induced threats in protected areas are crucial in conservation. Here, we defined a check-list of direct threats in a Mediterranean remnant wetland (central Italy), managed as nature reserve, grouping them according to a taxonomically-oriented nomenclature. We assessed three regime parameters (scope, severity, and(More)
A new silicon microstrip detector was designed by the CDF collaboration for the proposed high-luminosity operation of the Tevatron pp̄ collider (Run IIb). The detector is radiation-tolerant and will still be functional after exposure to particle fluences of 10 1-MeV equivalent neutrons=cm and radiation doses of 20MRad. The detector will maintain or exceed(More)
We developed and characterized Monolithic pixel detectors in deep-submicron Fully Depleted (FD) Silicon On Insulator (SOI) technology. This paper presents the first studies of total dose effects from ionizing radiation performed on single transistor test structures. This work shows how the substrate bias condition during irradiation heavily affects the(More)
Today Flash memories are attractive for space applications, due to their non-volatility, large capacity, low cost, and small power consumption [1]. Ionizing radiation effects should be carefully addressed before using them in space [1]. Although a huge amount of work has been performed in the past, there are still open issues concerning single events and(More)
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