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Amyloid-ß (Aß) fragments, oligomeric Aß aggregates, and pyroglutamylated-Aß peptides, as well as epigenetic mechanisms and autophagy dysfunction all appear to contribute in various ways to Alzheimer's disease progression. We previously showed that dietary supplementation of oleuropein aglycone, a natural phenol abundant in the extra virgin olive oil, can be(More)
The healthy effects of plant polyphenols, some of which characterize the so-called Mediterranean diet, have been shown to arise from epigenetic and biological modifications resulting, among others, in autophagy stimulation. Our previous work highlighted the beneficial effects of oleuropein aglycone (OLE), the main polyphenol found in the extra virgin olive(More)
A prototype of the barrel Tracking Detector of the Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) experiment proposed for LHC was built and tested in a beam and in a magnetic eld of up to 3 T. It contained 6 microstrip gas chambers, 25 cm long, and 3 double-sided silicon microstrip detectors, 12.5 cm long. We report some preliminary results on the performance of the chambers.
We developed and characterized Monolithic pixel detectors in deep-submicron Fully Depleted (FD) Silicon On Insulator (SOI) technology. This paper presents the first studies of total dose effects from ionizing radiation performed on single transistor test structures. This work shows how the substrate bias condition during irradiation heavily affects the(More)
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