D. Palao

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In a recent paper [1] we presented precise lattice QCD results of our Eu-ropean Twisted Mass Collaboration (ETMC). They were obtained by employing two mass-degenerate flavours of twisted mass fermions at maximal twist. In the present paper we give details on our simulations and the computation of physical observables. In particular, we discuss the problem(More)
Twenty-two schizophrenic inpatients were treated for 3 weeks with three randomly fixed oral doses of haloperidol (10, 20, or 30 mg). Analysis of the results by a nonlinear regression model revealed a curvilinear relationship between haloperidol levels in plasma and clinical response, as assessed on the Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale (pseudo-R2 = 0.85, F =(More)
1. Clinical response to treatment with haloperidol was studied in 20 schizophrenic inpatients with acute exacerbation (DSM-IIIR). 2. Patients were assigned to fixed doses of haloperidol (10, 20 or 30 mg/day) for three weeks. Clinical assessment was made using scales SAPS, SANS, BPRS and Simpson-Angus Scale for rating of extrapyramidal side effects. 3.(More)
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