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OBJECTIVE It is difficult to control drug-prescribing behaviour in general practice, despite the development and distribution of guidelines. The purpose of this study was to assess the effect on drug-prescribing behaviour of implementing prescribing guidelines by means of a reactive computer reminder system (CRS). DESIGN Cluster-randomised controlled(More)
In the past Dutch rail infrastructure manager ProRail used only 1 instrument concerning workload of train dispatchers. This instrument was called BVO. Evaluation of BVO by Intergo learned that it wouldn't suite as sole instrument to optimize workload of train dispatchers. Based on a workload model ProRail nowadays has 3 instruments to investigate workload(More)
The project on crystallographic modelling aims at extending the application of interactive graphics to inorganic structures. Starting from the available expertise in organic and protein modelling, the symmetry of the crystal structure is used not only to draw fixed models of many unit cells of the structure, which as an entity can be interactively(More)
The 'Shell Conference on ...' series began in 1985 and meetings are held approximately twice a year. The idea behind the conferences is to bring together invited scientists from both universities and industry, and representatives from different Shell Research laboratories, to create a forum to discuss the future directions of the chosen research area. These(More)
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