D P Swiercinsky

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Discussed the problem of criterion validation of neuropsychological tests. Computerized tomography (CT) is suggested as an approach in providing a criterion of focal structural lesions for evaluating predictability of neuropsychological tests. Neuropsychological tests on 62 patients were compared with CT scans, electroencephalographic results, and routine(More)
A factorial structure approach is examined in the assessment of test behaviors related to brain damage. A factor analysis performed on data from an extensive battery of psychological tests administered to 292 adult brain-damaged patients yielded five clearly defined factors. Multiple regression analysis was employed to predict performance on a second set of(More)
A principal factor analysis of 36 neuropsychological test variables yielded eight readily definable factors. These factors represent the kinds of general functions evaluated in the assessment of organic brain damage. The functional categorical scheme produced by the factor analysis was compared with other empirical and theoretical schemes. Shortcomings of(More)
The variable of opposit eye and hand dominance is reviewed as a possible sign of learning problems and as an indication of congenital or early developmental brain impairment. It is considered as an independent variable in examining differences along several dimensions of psychological functioning as a possible discriminator of performance levels. It is also(More)
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