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Child victims must cope not only with the emotional consequences of criminal acts but also with the potentially traumatizing effects of legal involvement. Dramatic increases in the reporting of child sexual abuse are bringing greater numbers of children into contact with the criminal justice system, raising fears that child victims of sex crimes will be(More)
AIM To assess the incidence and nature of concerns about sexual abuse, with particular reference to erroneous concerns of sexual abuse made by children. METHODS A review of case notes of all child sexual abuse reports to the Denver Department of Social Services over 12 months. Cases were put into four groups: substantiated, not sexual abuse, inconclusive(More)
A method of preparing viable cells from dog gastric mucosa is described. Cyclic AMP in these cells is elevated by histamine and 4-methyl histamine but 2-methyl histamine is only a weak agonist. The effects on cyclic AMP levels are inhibited competitively by metiamide and burimamide which give apparent KBvalues of 3.5×10−7 M and 2.3×10−6 M, respectively.(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the outcome for children after psychiatric intervention in cases of factitious illness by proxy. METHODS All 17 children from 16 families, selected for admission to the Park Hospital Oxford family unit 1992-96 were followed up after a mean of 27 months. Information was obtained on the children and their carers from general(More)
The outcome of 19 consecutive children referred with sleep disorders and managed by behavioural methods is described. An 84% success rate is reported, which was maintained at 6 months' follow up. Successful outcome was associated with absence of marital discord and attendance of both parents at treatment sessions.
Over the last few years a number of cases have been reported in which accusations of sexual abuse have been made through the medium of facilitated communication. Although experimental evaluations of facilitated communication indicate that responses are almost always under the control of the facilitator, not the client, such allegations cannot be ignored.(More)