D. P. Gaikwad

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Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is characterized by absurd, recurrent thoughts (obsessions) followed by certain stereotyped actions (compulsions). OCD can impair all areas of brain functioning and produce devastating effects on patients and their families. Marble-burying behavior of mice is a well-accepted paradigm to screen anti-compulsive activity.(More)
Intrusion detection system is widely used to protect and reduce damage to information system. It protects virtual and physical computer networks against threats and vulnerabilities. Presently, machine learning techniques are widely extended to implement effective intrusion detection system. Neural network, statistical models, rule learning, and ensemble(More)
—Intrusion detection system is used to identify anomalous packets in network. It can also identify unauthorized, malicious activity and malicious code in network. Currently, differnet apporaches of network intrusion detection systems are proposed by researchers. The classification based techniques has some issues such as model overfitting and classification(More)
— Due to the rapid expansion and advancements of computer network, security has become a vital issue for modern computer network. The network intrusion detection systems play the vital role in protecting the computer networks. So, it has become a significant research issue. In spite of notable progress in intrusion detection system, there are still many(More)
An intrusion compromises the security and the value of a computer system in network. Legitimate users find it difficult to access network services due to the network attacks as they intentionally occupy or sabotage network resources and services. The intrusion detection system defends the critical computer system and networks from cyber-attacks. Various(More)
The objective of segmentation of medical image is to extract and characterize anatomical structures from the images. Segmentation of medical is quiet difficult task because most images contain large noise. Canny operator has decent anti-noise ability. However Edge based canny operator is not consecutive and applying the canny operator on total image make(More)
Our faces are complex objects with features that can vary over time. However, we humans have a natural ability to recognize faces and identify persons in a glance. Unfortunately, this natural ability does not exist in machines, so we need to create intelligent autonomous machines to simulate recognition system artificially. We have implemented intelligent(More)
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