D P Ding

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To develop the BALB/c mouse strain as an animal model for the study of progressive sensorineural hearing loss, mice ranging in age from young adult through middle age were studied. Auditory brainstem response thresholds, histopathology [cytocochleograms for hair cells, the packing density of spiral ganglion cells (SGCs), the number of neurons and overall(More)
The scala tympani of the guinea pig was perfused with artificial perilymph and experimental solutions using an electrical micropump. In test perfusions, 20 mM L-aspartate produced depression of APN1 by 49% and 25 mM L-aspartate decreased the amplitude of APN1 by 42%. Both 20 mM and 25 mM L-aspartate were without effect on the CM, the latency or width of(More)
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