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Preface In spite of the fact that their motivation and development originally occured at diierent times, graph theory and optimization are elds of mathematics which nowadays have many connections. Early on, the use of graphs suggested intuitive approaches to both pure and applied problems. Optimization and more precisely mathematical programming have(More)
Intact and adrenalectomized (ADX) rats were mildly food deprived and administered dexamethasone (type II agonist), aldosterone (type I agonist), corticosterone (mixed agonist), or vehicle 24 and 2 h prior to forced exercise in a treadmill. The endurance of intact animals was unaffected by hormone treatments. Adrenalectomy greatly advanced the onset of(More)
In total darkness, melanophores of much of the integumentary pattern of Pseudopleuronectes americanus display intermediate melanosome distribution, whilst the alpha-adrenoceptor antagonist phentolamine evokes their complete dispersion. The intermediate condition is not attained in total darkness in locally decentralized melanophores. It is proposed that, in(More)
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