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Unlike conventional antidepressants, rolipram (a new approach in the treatment of depression) stimulates both the presynaptic and the postsynaptic component of monoaminergic transmission. Several double blind trials are under way to assess the clinical efficacy and safety of this compound. The present study was a randomized, 4-week interindividual double(More)
Rolipram facilitates the postsynaptic neurotransmission of NA through a completely new mechanism of action, namely, an inhibition of the inactivation of the second messenger (the cyclic AMP) by phosphodiesterase. In the present study, Rolipram is compared to a classical tricyclic antidepressant which facilitates the NA transmission through an inhibition of(More)
The AMDP-System has been developed in Europe by the Association for Methodology and Documentation in Psychiatry the standardised documentation of psychiatric files and for the measurement of change in drug trials. It is increasingly used in the French-speaking and German-speaking countries by clinical psychopharmacologists for teaching classical German(More)
The ZERSSEN Mood Scale or " Befindlichkeits-Skala " is the only self-rating scale that is altogether specific (adjectives on mood states essentially), actual and therefore sensitive (lack of adjectives on the habitual state, on personality traits), bipolar (possible detection of a manic or depressive shift), easy to administrate and analyze, existing under(More)
The authors have applied to 493 Belgian and French patients the French version of the AMDP Psychopathology and Somatic scales, made of 140 items from the original German version and of 22 items specific to its French adaptation, among others anxiety items. By applying a principal components factor analysis to this sample, a 17-items. Anxiety Scale was(More)
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  • Acta psychiatrica Belgica
  • 1985
The AMDP-System, elaborated by the Association for Methodology and Documentation in Psychiatry, comprises three anamnestic forms and two rating scales on present psychopathological and somatic state. Its success is increasing in the German-speaking and French-speaking countries. The author's thesis bears among others on the following aspects: importance of(More)
The 4th and 5th forms of the AMDP-System consist of a Psychopathology Scale (100 + 15 items) and of a Somatic Scale (40 + 7 items); the total duration of the interview and filling out is 45 to 60 mn. On the basis of a decade of research done or initiated in Liège, the French-speaking section of the AMDP has contributed to the System with several(More)