D P Altenbern

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Clinical trials of the new antiarrhythmic agent encainide have demonstrated a high degree of efficacy in association with marked slowing of intracardiac conduction (prolongation of QRS). Indirect evidence has strongly suggested that at least some of these effects are mediated by the O-demethyl metabolite. The activity of a series of dosages of O-demethyl(More)
In a prospective study, 31 patients with brown recluse spider bites were treated by either immediate surgical excision or with the leukocyte inhibitor, dapsone, followed by delayed surgical excision. Patients were matched for age, gender, and lesion size and were excluded if the typical history and physical findings were not present. In patients treated(More)
O-demethylation of the investigational antiarrhythmic encainide was found to be correlated with the genetically determined hydroxylation of debrisoquin in 20 randomly selected and unrelated subjects and in five members of one family. Extensive metabolizers of debrisoquin had a mean (+/- SD) encainide elimination t1/2 of 1.19 +/- 0.98 hours (range 0.25 to(More)
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