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A method was developed for the batch-wise production of small-pool lyophilized heat-treated cryoprecipitates in a regional Blood Bank. Ten vials of final product were derived from twenty 600 g apheresis plasma donations. We found 384 IU of factor VIII per vial and a specific activity of 0.20 IU per mg total protein. Production recovery was 340 IU of factor(More)
Depending on logistics, whole blood has to be stored for several hours after collection. If storage time exceeds 8 h, storage has to be at 1-6 degrees C to comply with FDA regulations. In the Netherlands, however, whole blood is also stored for 12-15 h at 20-24 degrees C using butane-1,4-diol cooling devices. We compared these two storage methods for factor(More)
Fractions enriched with alpha-lactalbumin (alpha-la) and beta-lactoglobulin (beta-lg) were produced by a process comprising the following successive steps: clarification-defatting of whey protein concentrate, precipitation of alpha-lactalbumin, separation of soluble beta-lactoglobulin, washing the precipitate, solubilization of the precipitate,(More)
In HIV-seronegative haemophiliac patients abnormal immune parameters have been demonstrated. In this review data on these abnormalities, their aetiology and clinical consequences are summarized and discussed. The data reviewed show abnormalities at different levels of the adaptive immune system. Most of the reported abnormalities regard lymphocyte subsets(More)
International and national documents on and standards for quality control have been introduced for Blood Banks. Recently, the Standard Registration Document and a National Health Authority Licence for factor VIII preparations based on that Document were introduced in the Netherlands. In the course of developing a preparation of lyophilized heat-treated(More)
Chronic substitution therapy of HIV-negative haemophiliacs with factor VIII products can result in abnormalities of ex-vivo measured immune parameters. To assess a possible relation between these abnormalities and product purity, we analyzed two groups of HIV-negative HCV-positive haemophiliacs, one treated with cryoprecipitate exclusively, the other with(More)
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