D. Oliveira

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The use of resistance exercises and of typical strength training methods have been progressively used to control body mass and to promote fat mass loss. The difficulties involved in the energy cost calculation during strength training are associated with the large amount of exercises and their several variations. Mean values between ≈3 and 30 kcal·min(-1)(More)
Little is known about the gender differences in energetic requirements of goats in early life. In this study, we determined the energy requirements for maintenance and gain in intact male, castrated male and female Saanen goat kids using the comparative slaughter technique and provide new data on their body composition and energy efficiency. To determine(More)
Scientific Visualization is a computer-based field concerned with techniques that allow scientists to create graphical representations from datasets generated by computational simulations or acquisition instruments. To address the computational cost of visualization tasks, specially for large datasets, researchers have explored grid environments as a(More)
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