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[1] Stratified stable layered mantle convection in a three-dimensional (3-D) spherical shell is investigated for a range of depth of layer, intrinsic density contrast between the layers (Dr), and heating mode. Three heating modes are studied: internal heating, bottom heating across core-mantle boundary, and both combined. For each heating mode, layers were(More)
The need to reduce radically the energy used by buildings is leading to new design practices. Current design and simulation software are used in very different ways, with energy simulation generally employed to check energy code compliance after the design stages are mostly finished. This linear approach to working practices, the modelling methods used and(More)
Why boil water when there are so many other options? These days, “boil it, peel it, or forget it” only goes so far with the unencumbered traveler. experience tells me that most hear “Boil it” and instantly go right to “Forget it!” Fortunately, there is an excellent resource to assist patients in choosing a personally acceptable portable water purification(More)
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