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The light output of PbWO/sub 4/ crystals, produced at BTCP, has been significantly enhanced by an improved manufacturing technology. First large size crystals of 150 and 200 mm length have been tested assembled in 3/spl times/3 arrays using tagged photons between 64 MeV and 520 MeV energy. The scintillation light has been detected either with commercial(More)
Study of phospholipids changes peculiarities in the liver and dorsal muscles of sterlet (Acipenser ruthenus Linnaeus) may be important to determine the etiology and pathogenesis of fatty liver. We established that the content of total phospholipids in tissues of the liver and dorsal muscles of three-year-old sterlet was less than for two-year-old fish by(More)
Light scattering in dielectric waveguide is caused, inter alia by random heterogeneity of boundary separating core and cladding layers. Rigorous mathematical approach to the problem consists in solving Maxwell equations with stochastic boundary conditions, what seems to be inconvenient in practice. The reasonable alternative is to treat the heterogeneous(More)
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