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We designed a prospective study to evaluate the ability of dimercaptosuccinic acid cortical scintigraphy and ultrasonography to detect renal parenchymal lesions in children with pyelonephritis. One hundred eleven patients 1 week to 16 years of age (median 5.5 months) with a urine culture positive for pathogens were included in the study; cortical(More)
The value of IgG and IgA gliadin antibodies (AGA) was compared with that of IgA endomysium antibodies (EMA) for the diagnosis of coeliac disease. Three hundred and six of 340 (90%) children with untreated coeliac disease (flat mucosa) had EMA and 338/340 (99.4%) had IgG AGA and/or IgA AGA. Only 1/340 (a 7 year old boy with selective IgA deficiency) had(More)
8 cases of splenic cysts are reported: treatment was surgical in 4 large cysts (greater than 5 cm, 3 epidermoids and 1 pseudocyst), and non-operative in 4 small cysts (less than 5 cm, 3 post-traumatic pseudocysts and 1 congenital cyst, probably epidermoid). Follow-up was over a period of 3 months to 7 years. 3 among the 4 post-traumatic pseudocysts were(More)
Two hospital-made, lactose-free, hypoosmolar formulas were compared for therapy for 61 children aged 10-28 months who had severe malnutrition and protracted diarrhea. The formulas were isocaloric and contained dextrin-maltose, carrots, sunflower oil, minerals, and vitamins. One had chicken meat as the protein source and the other had hydrolyzed lactalbumin(More)
Anatomoradiological study, on an amputation specimen for osteosarcoma from a 13 year old girl, of a bone island in the distal femoral epiphysis. It consists of a mature bone core caused by localized remodeling of the spongeous trabeculae, old but still slightly active, clearly different from a bone infarct, a tumoral or infectious process. Discussed the(More)
The incidence of tuberculosis (TB) presenting to the University Hospital, Geneva, Switzerland, was studied over 2 years. Clinical data on all children receiving antituberculous drug therapy was collected. Of the 43 identified cases, 42% had active disease (i.e. clinical evidence of organ involvement), the remaining 58% being asymptomatic. All 43 children(More)
Because of the increased incidence of gallstones in cystic fibrosis we compared biliary lipid composition in 26 patients with cystic fibrosis, seven children with cholelithiasis but no cystic-fibrosis and 13 controls. Eighteen of the cystic fibrosis group had cholecystograms, and only one had gallstones. In 14 patients with cystic fibrosis who had stopped(More)
The diagnostic value of gliadin IgG, IgA and IgE antibody (AB) determinations using the fluorescent immunosorbent test was examined in 586 children with malabsorptive disorders and/or failure to thrive. All patients underwent jejunal biopsy and were on a gluten-containing diet. IgG AB were found in all patients (331/331) with untreated coeliac disease (CD)(More)