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Over the past decade, our laboratory has attempted to create a simple, accurate device that could be used to produce reliable and quantifiable spinal cord injuries in the rodent. We report here on our latest of several modifications of a spinal cord impactor that has allowed us to meet these design criteria. The impactor uses the dynamic capacity of an(More)
In order to provide a reproducible experimental spinal cord injury with immediate feedback on the mechanical properties of the impact, we have developed an electro-mechanically driven, feedback-controlled impaction device. The device is sensitive to the characteristics of the injured tissue and allows continuous manipulation of impact force or tissue(More)
STUDY DESIGN A prospective case controlled study to compare the clinical and radiographic performance of Healos soaked in bone marrow aspirate (BMA) to iliac crest autograft when used in lumbar spinal fusion. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the null hypothesis: Healos used with BMA is not an effective alternative to iliac crest autograft in lumbar spine fusions. (More)
A survey of Galactic gamma-ray sources at a median energy of ∼20 TeV has been performed using the Milagro Gamma Ray Observatory. Eight candidate sources of TeV emission are detected with pre-trials significance > 4.5σ in the region of Galactic longitude l ∈ [30 • , 220 • ] and latitude b ∈ [−10 • , 10 • ]. Four of these sources, including the Crab nebula(More)
The mechanical mobility of the temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ) was measured by applying small sinusoidal forces at different frequencies to the teeth and measuring the resultant motion of the teeth. Velocity/force ratios were recorded versus frequency at maxillary and mandibular teeth and the results were interpreted in terms of linear spring-mass-dashpot(More)
  • D. H. Noyes
  • 1987
Previous experiments indicated that the mechanical properties (compliance and mobility) of spinal cord tissue vary by ±50 per cent from the mean in different individuals of the same species. In order to apply a consistent force or compression to tissues of varying mechanical properties, feedback control of the contusion device would be desirable. A new(More)