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Agriculture currently accounts for 28% of national greenhouse gas emissions in Ireland. Nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions from agricultural soils account for 38% of this total. A 2-year study was conducted, using the chamber technique on a fertilized and grazed grassland to quantify the effect of fertilizer application rate, soil and meteorological variables on(More)
Ecological Economics has developed as a "transdisciplinary science," but it has not taken significant steps toward a truly integrated process of evaluating anthropogenic ecological change. The emerging dominance within ecological economics of the movement to monetize "ecological services," when combined with the already wellentrenched dominance of(More)
Metropolitan smog alerts are prominent public information campaigns designed to enhance public health and to curb driving and other emissions. Unlike many other voluntary information-based environmental policies, air quality alerts target household behavior via forecast information about ambient concentrations rather than firm or product characteristics.(More)
Historically, flooding has resulted in considerable losses, both in property damage and lives lost, throughout the world. According to a report by Guha-Sapir et al. (2013), 53 percent of the total number of victims of natural disasters worldwide in 2012 was victims of floods. Data from the International Disaster Database (2013) likewise show that flooding(More)
We determined the structural basis for the presence of electrophoretically-distinct, antigenically-related forms of invariant chains in Ia oligomers, and established the mechanisms by which they can be expressed from a single gene. S1 nuclease protection assays indicated that, in B cells, transcription of this gene initiates at a minimum of three sites.(More)
The RNASET2 gene, mapped in 6q27, was previously found to exert control of tumorigenesis in an ovarian cancer system. We present here results indicating a similar control in a melanoma cancer model. Thus, this gene is most likely involved in a common general pathway of tumorigenesis. Moreover, its antitumorigenic activity is manifested in vivo but not in(More)
Empowerment Zones, Neighborhood Change and Owner Occupied Housing This paper examines the effects of a generous, spatially-targeted economic development policy (the federal Empowerment Zone program) on local neighborhood characteristics and on the neighborhood quality of life, taking into account the interactions amongst the policy, changes in neighborhood(More)
A mouse partial cDNA clone of the heparan sulfate proteoglycan gene, an important component of basement membranes, has been mapped to human chromosome 1, band p 36.1, by in situ hybridization. No secondary sites of hybridization were observed.