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Once the general principles of compilation by semantic attributes have been exposed, it is then demonstrated, with the help of a simple example, how such an approach leads naturally to an amelioration of the generated code without resorting to any special optimization treatment. Also included is the determination of basic blocks of a program, the(More)
This document presents how one of the most important optimizations that a program may undergo is dealt with by means of attributes [7]. A semantic formalization of the classical method which consists of removing all loop-independent statements from the articulation blocks of a loop is given. The method is equally well applicable to algebraic languages or(More)
In wavelength-routed optical WDM networks, which are circuit-switched in nature, when a session request is given, the hard task of routing and wavelength assignment (RWA) is to calculate the satisfiable path between two nodes, and also to assign an available set of wavelengths along this path. An algorithm called total wavelengths and expected available(More)
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